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STAHLS' Hotronix Sprint MAG Digital 40 x 50 cm

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STAHLS' Hotronix Sprint MAG Digital 40 x 50 cm
STAHLS' Hotronix Sprint MAG Digital 40 x 50 cm
STAHLS' Hotronix Sprint MAG Digital 40 x 50 cm
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The Sprint® Mag heat presses are especially user-friendly, as they work without a compressor, yet still have an auto-open feature utilising built-in magnets. The machines offer digital timer, pressure and temperature displays, and there are also two adjustable print settings.

- Patented, magnetic assisted lockdown with automatic release
- Fully digital time and temperature controls
- Live digital pressure display
- Twin Timer™ for two step applications with 999 sec dwell time
- 3/4″ thick non-stick coated upper platen
- Patented Over-the-center pressure adjustment
- Optional lower platens available
- Space saving clam shell design
- Wide opening for easy layout
- Premium warranty
- UL/ULC/CE/RoHS Compliant

There is a range of interchangeable lower platens for Sprint® Mag presses which greatly increases the presses versatility.

The 40 x 50cm (16″ x 20″) Hotronix® Auto Opening Clam Press is the pinnacle of heat press technology, and has all the operating features of the smaller presses, which means that the press can undertake any type of job.

30 years heating element warranty
5 years on frame work
2 years on circuit board

120 Volt, 1800 Watt, 15 Amp
220 Volt, 1800 Watt, 8 Amp
16″ x 20″ (40cm x 50cm)


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