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Roland EGX-30A

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Roland EGX-30A
Roland EGX-30A
Roland EGX-30A
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Roland EGX-30A muovisten kaiverruslaattojen, alumiinisten ja messinkisten palkintolaattojen tekoon. Jyrsivät terät huokoisille materiaaleille ja timatti metallipinnoille. Kiinnitys tarralevyllä (tulee mukana) tai 2-puoleinen teippi. Terät 3,17mm varsi. Purunpoisto, syvyydensäätökärki, säädettävät nopeudet
Nimikilvet, kyltit, esipainetut tyyppikilvet, teollisuuskilvet, mainoslahjat. Ohjelma Dr Engrave.

Muutokset EGX-30:stä

Shift from parallel to USB. Although interface converters can be used with EGX-30, the communication is not always perfect. We have had many problems with this, and the shift to USB has been a big request.

Power supply:
EGX-30 has direct power connection, EGX-30A uses an external power supply (laptop-style). This makes maintenance and shift between different supply voltages easier, as the power supply can just be changed.

Spindle motor:
EGX-30A features a brushless DC-motor. This means better durability, energy-efficiency, and better (electronic) speed control. Brushless motors are used on all higher-level Roland machines. Brushless motor also means reduced noise.

EGX-30A - Changed to more modern colors and more sleek look. Important for shops, where the machine is placed visible to customers. A new system control key layout.

Entirely new firmware in EGX-30A means higher engraving speed and less risk of machine mistakes or freezes.

Engraving speed:
In direct comparison with identical tasks, EGX-30A will engrave 25-30% faster than EGX-30.

Max. Operation Area:305 x 205 mm
Feed Rate: X,Y-axis: max. 3.0 m/min
Spindle Motor: Brushless DC motor, max. 27 W
Engraving Tool Mounting Diameter: 3.175 mm
Revolution Speed: 5000 - 10 000 rpm
Interface: USB (compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 1.1), Serial (RS-232C-compliant)
External Dimensions/Weight: 513 x 491 x 217 mm/13.2 kg
Operation Temperature: 5 to 40°C
Opeation Humidity: 35 to 80% (no condensation)
Engravable Materials: Plastic (ABS, Acrylic, PC etc), and Brass and Aluminum for Scribing
Accessories: AC adapter, Power cord, USB cable, Character cutter,Vacuum-adapter, Depth regulator nose, Diamond scraper adapter, Hexagonal screw driver, Spanner, Hexagonal wrench, Test material, Adhesive sheet for securing material, Roland Software package CD-ROM, User's manual