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Roland VersaUV LEJ-640+pöytä

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Roland VersaUV LEJ-640+pöytä
Roland VersaUV LEJ-640+pöytä
Roland VersaUV LEJ-640+pöytä
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Based on award-winning VersaUV technology, the VersaUV hybrid LEJ-640 prints CMYK plus white and clear inks on both roll media and rigid substrates up to 13mm thick. With the LEJ-640, you can print on virtually any substrate, from thin flexible films to lightweight board and cardboard without distortion to the substrate's shape or surface finish. A media securing mechanism ensures high-quality printing by holding flat substrates in place and controlling warp. For unattended production, the LEJ-640 features a built-in take up system supporting a wide variety of roll media.

A fully-automated, built-in sensor determines the proper print head height for each LEJ-640 job, accounting for the thickness of the media to be printed. This feature prevents head strikes and ensures reliable, high-quality printing up to 1440 x 1440 dpi across the widest range of substrates. Print quality is further enhanced by Roland Intelligent Pass Control technology which delivers smooth gradations and flawless solid fills with virtually no banding in every print mode.


      - 64" hybrid UV-LED inkjet printer


      - Roll-to-roll mechanism for handling roll media


      - Rear and front folding tables support rigid materials up to a half-inch thick, including 4' x 8' sheets


      - Automated sensor technology prevents head collision and eliminates user errors


      - Providing high density color and exceptional image quality, ECO-UV inks are available in three configurations:






      - Layered clear coat produces unique textures and finishes, including matte and gloss varnish and embossing effects


      - Choose from hundreds of media options, including synthetic papers, BOPP, PE, PET film, corrugated cardboard, foam board , Gatorfoam® and more


      - Includes VersaWorks RIP Software


      - Maximum1440x1440 dpi image quality for fine quality and tiny text


      - Print speeds up to 133 sqft./hr. in CMYK mode


      - Patent-pending automated Ink Circulation System for white ink


      - Safe, long-lasting and low-heat LED lamps


    - Lowest power consumption in its clas
Printing Technology:Piezo-electrical Inkjet
Media Dimensions:Width:
Roll media: 210 to 1625 mm
Rigid media, cut media: 250 to 1625 mm
Roll media: max. 1 mm with liner
Rigid media, cut media: max. 13 mm
Roll media: max. 40 kg
Rigid media, cut media: max. 12 kg
Core Diameter*1: 76.2 mm or 50.8 m
Roll outer diameter: Max. 210 mm
Printing Width*2:Max. 1615 mm
Ink Cartridges:Type: Roland ECO-UV / ECO-UV S
Capacity: 220 cc (CMYK+Wh+Gl), 500 cc (ECO-UV: CMYK+Gl)
Colours: ECO-UV: Six colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white and gloss) / ECO-UV S: Five colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white)
Configuration*3: CMYK+Gloss+White, CMYK+White+White or CMYK+Gloss+Gloss
Ink-Curing Unit:Dual UV-LED Lamp
Printing Resolution (dpi):Max. 1440 dpi
Distance Accuracy*4:Error of less than ±0.3% of distance travelled, or ±0.3 mm, whichever is greater
Media Take-Up System:Roll outer diameter: max. 210 mm
Weight roll: max. 40 kg
Connectivity:Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, automatic switching)
Power-Saving Function:Automatic sleep feature
Power Requirements:AC 100 to 240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption:During operation: Max. 500 W
Sleep mode: 15,2 W
Dimensions:3184 (W) × 3658 (D) × 1281 (H) mm (with table unit and stand)
3184 (W) × 836 (D) × 1281 (H) mm (without table unit and stand)
Weight with Stand:316 kg (with table unit)
240 kg (without table unit)
Accessories:Stands, power cord, table unit (RU-640 and MB-640), media clamps, replacement blade for separating knife, cleaning kit, VersaWorks, user's manual, etc.

*1 The media holder of this machine is exclusively for media with paper tube (core inner diameter 3 inches). To use a 2 inch media core, please use the optional available media flanges.
*2 The length of printing is subject to the limitations of the program.
*3 Ink configuration must be selected upon purchase. *4 Using Roland specified media, loaded correctly without using the table unit, trint travel of 1m, temperature: 25°C, humidity: 50 % RH, all pinch rollers are positioned correctly on top of the media, excluding expansion or contraction of the media, and all correction and adjustment functions of this machine have been made properly.







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