3M 9629PC 2-p. teippi kirkas pet kalvo 0,10mm x 1372 mm x 55 m

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3M 9629PC 2-p. teippi kirkas pet kalvo 0,10mm x 1372 mm x 55 m
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4.0 mil 360 high performance quick stick acrylic adhesive double coat with a clear polyester (PET) carrier on a 4.2 PCK 58 lb paper liner
- 2 mil double coated tape on a PET polyester carrier with a 58 lb polycoated kraft PCK paper liner.
- Double coated tape has exceptional adhesion properties and bonds well to high and low surface energy plastics HSE LSE such as HDPE, PP, ABS, polycarbonate, PMMA; powder coated paints. Has excellent quick stick properties.
- Good solvent resistance and excellent moisture resistance. Adheres well to a variety of plastics such as ABS, HDPE, PP, PMMA, acrylic and polycarbonate. Ideal for electronic devices.

More strength with less adhesive. Quick stick properties to many LSE and HSE substrates. Lowest ooze. Low odor. Excellent convertibility and die-cutting capabilities.

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