Rotary Axis Unit ZCL-50

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Rotary Axis Unit ZCL-50
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• An optional rotary axis is available for effortless production of
          complex surfaces:
                   ◦ Auto-rotates materials from 0-to-360 degrees 
                   ◦ Indexes for 2-sided, 4-sided and custom angles
                   ◦ Speeds-up production – shortening process time for
                    faster delivery

Optional ZCL-50A Rotary Axis Unit
Operating rangeX: 363mm - Machine Coordinates 37 to 400 mm 
Y: 305 mm
Z: 125 mm
A: A: ±2146680° (approximately ±5963 rotations)
Loadable workpiece size120mm - 60mm maximum radius from center of rotation
Loadable workpiece length380mm
Workpiece clamp thickness10 to 65mm or 
20 to 68mm Diameter
A axis motorStepper Motor
Mechanical Resolution0.0225°/step (half step)
DimensionsWidth X Depth x Height:578 × 190 × 128 mm
Included ItemsDetection bar, cap screws, user's manual

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