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Roland CAMM-1 GR-540

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Roland CAMM-1 GR-540
Roland CAMM-1 GR-540
Roland CAMM-1 GR-540
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  • The powerful GR cutter series

    Pushing the boundaries of what you thought it was possible to cut. The CAMM-1 GR series takes cutting productivity, precision and strength to the next level. Use as a stand-alone cutter or pair with your existing printer - it’s entirely your choice. But be sure, you can power up your business with the GR cutter series.

    GR series vinyl cutters

    The fastest cutter in its class

    Delivering up to 1,485mm per second, the CAMM-1 GR cutter boasts the fastest throughput in its class. Its optimised cutting carriage drive system boosts productivity even further by minimising the vertical distance the blade has to travel and advanced weeding tools will help you keep pace with the GR’s high-speed production.


    High-precision cutting, even in high-speed mode

    The GR delivers precision results, even when operating at high speed. Designed for both strength and stability, the powerful new cutting carriage and blade holder deliver up to 600g of downforce, while the new L-shaped design provides maximum stability to ensure an outstanding quality finish.

    Produce laminated graphics, signs, labels, packaging prototypes and reflective graphics.

    cut laminated graphics, signs, labels, packaging prototypes and reflective graphics with the GR cutter

    Electronic pinch roller control

    For improved tracking and smooth media feeding without feed marks, the GR’s new electronic pinch rollers have up to 10 pressure settings to handle even the most challenging of media, including soft flock materials, thin window tint and thick reflectives.

    cut window and floor graphics, heat transfer apparel, sandblast and paint stencils with the GR cutting plotter

  • Key features include:

    · L-shaped design. Robust integrated stand and media holder increase stability and minimise vibration.

    · New electronic pinch rollers. 10 settings at the touch of a button to feed media with just the right amount of pressure.

    · Optical registration system. For accurate contour cutting of printed graphics.

    · Dual position cutting carriage. For standard and perforated cutting.

    · Digital encoder for variable blade height control. Ensures maximum throughput and reduces the risk of substrate damage.

    · Newly designed cutting carriage. Up to 600g of downforce for enhanced media compatibility.

    · LED carriage status lamp helps instantly check job status from a distance.

    · Basket to keep media clean and contained, even with lengthy cuts. Comes as standard.

    · Tray for convenient storage of blades, blade holders and other small items.


    An unrivalled choice of media options

    With its impressive cutting power and variable pinch roller pressure, the GR is compatible with a huge range of media. Cut sign vinyl, reflective film, garment heat transfer, glass etch, window tint, and much more. Plus, cut and crease cardboard for realistic packaging prototypes. The GR is certainly up for the challenge.

    Advanced new Roland Cutstudio software

    Designed to integrate easily into any workflow, the GR features both USB and Ethernet connectivity and runs from a wide range of software packages. Not only that, included with the GR series is the newly upgraded Roland CutStudio software which makes it quicker and easier than ever to create and edit cutting data.

    With included Windows® driver, plug-ins for Adobe® Illustrator® and CorelDRAW® plus the ability to cut from VersaWorks Dual, the GR allows seamless integration to support the most complex design requirements and create an easy cut or print then cut workflow.

    Advanced features include:

    · Weeding lines: minimise production time with the ability to include vertical, horizontal and ‘ring throw’ lines for easy weeding.

    · Perforated cutting: cut the face sheet and through the media on labels and stickers to deliver a professional finish, fast.

    · Coloured cutting lines: designate colour to cutting lines according to type for maximum cutting efficiency.

    · Tiling: for easy application, accurately cut graphics for large installations in sections.

    · Scale settings: scale artwork by units or percentage increments.

    · Overlap cutting: specify the number of passes for jobs requiring more than one cut pass.

    Advanced weeding auxiliary line function:


Mechanism / Driving methodMedia-movement method / Digital control servo motor
Acceptable media widthsMax. 1,802 mm (70 in.)Max. 1,548 mm (60 in.)Max. 1,224 mm (48 in.)
Maximum cutting areaWidth: 1,651 mm (65 in.)
Length: 25 m (984 in.)
Width: 1,397 mm (55 in.)
Length: 25 m (984 in.)
Width: 1,075 mm (42 in.)
Length: 25 m (984 in.)
Maximum cutting speed1,485 mm/s (High speed mode, in 45゜ direction)
Cutting speed / Cutting force10 mm/s - 1050 mm/s (in increments of 10 mm/s) / 20 - 600 gf (in increments of 10 gf)
Mechanical resolution0.005 mm/step
Software resolution0.025 mm/step
Distance accuracyError of no more than +/-0.2% of distance traveLled, or 0.1 mm (0.00394 in.), whichever is greater
Repetition accuracy (*1)(*2)0.1 mm or less
InterfaceEthernet 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX (auto-negotiation), USB 2.0 (full speed)
Buffer size8MB (2MB for re-plot buffer)
Power supply / Power consumptionAC 100 to 240 V 50/60 Hz 0.7 A / Approx. 70 W
Acoustic noise levelDuring operation67 dB (A) or less (according to ISO7779)
During standby43 dB (A) or less (according to ISO7779)
Dimensions with stand2,165 mm (W) x 740 mm (D) x 1,190 mm (H)1,910 mm(W) x 740 mm (D) x 1,190 mm(H)1,650 mm (W) x 740 mm (D) x 1,190 mm (H)
Weight with stand93.5 kg87 kg78 kg
Packaging dimensions2,300 mm (W) × 565 mm (D) × 770 mm (H)
(90.5 in. (W) × 22.2 in. (D) × 30.3 in. (H))
2,050 mm (W) × 565 mm (D) × 770 mm (H)
(80.7 in. (W) × 22.2 in. (D) × 30.3 in. (H))
1,740 mm (W) × 565 mm (D) × 770 mm (H)
(68.5 in. (W) × 22.2 in. (D) × 30.3 in. (H))
Packaging weight128 kg118 kg108 kg
Operating environmentTemperature: 5 to 40 ℃  (41 to 104 °F) , Humidity: 35 to 80 % (no condensation)
Included itemsPower cable, electrical plug adapter, blade (ZEC-U5032, 1pc), blade holder (XD-CH4-BL), cable clamp, replacement blades for separating knife, installation guide, USB cable (2 m), alignment tool, Roland DG software (to download), user's manual (to download)

*1 Only applicable under certain internal test conditions with the usage of specific vinyl sheet and cut settings. 
*2 Excluding stretching/contraction of the material. 

SoftwareOperating SystemApplication Software
Roland On SupportWindows®7/8/8.1/10(32/64-bit)
Roland CutStudioWindows®7/8/8.1/10(32/64-bit)
Roland CutStudio Plug-in for Adobe®Illustrator®Windows®*, MAC OS*Adobe®Illustrator® CC(2014)/CC(2015)/CC(2017)
Roland CutStudio Plug-in for CorelDRAW®Windows®*CorelDRAW® X6/X7/X8

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