Solvent LUMAX Backlitfilm 1372mm x 30m

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Solvent LUMAX Backlitfilm 1372mm x 30m
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7-14 pv
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368,26 €
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EMBLEM SOLUMAX is a translucent backlit film based on a clear and colourless polyester film.
The bright white coating causes a brilliant colour reproduction with and without backlight - Day & Night.
EMBLEM SOLUMAX is made for printing with common eco solvent, solvent, UVC and latex inks. The water-resistant coating of the backlit film allows a high ink limit and good scratch resistance. During illumination SOLUMAX shows a bright whiteness and intensive colours. A smooth diffusion of light is produced from the matting on the print side that gives excellent gradations in colour and grey. Little scratches on the back caused by processing do not influence the illumination properties of the backlit. This ensures a stable workflow. EMBLEM SOLUMAX has a good flatness for light box applications.
Typical applications are backlight boxes, frames, displays and graphic-art.


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