Polymeric Film Glossy Easy Bond V Vinyl 1372 mm x 50 m

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Polymeric Film Glossy Easy Bond V Vinyl 1372 mm x 50 m
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7-14 pv
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280,92 €
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347,56 €

EMBLEM SOFOGLP5EB is a white, self-adhesive, polymeric calendered vinyl film with a glossy surface. The grey pigmented adhesive is designed for an easy processing and bubbles-free bonding because of the micro air channels. The vinyl is covered on the backside with a high quality PE liner.
On the white glossy surface you achieve water resistant prints with solvent, eco solvent, UV curable and latex inks. The micro air channels allow a faster processing without air bubbles. The micro channel structure is not visible on the printed surface. The grey pigmented adhesive covers subsurfaces in an excellent way.
The average durability of the film used for outdoor applications is up to 7 years. This durability refers only to the film. The durability of the prints depends on the used inks and other criteria in the further processing.
We advise the use of lamination film also for solvent prints to protect them from abrasion. After printing it is necessary to wait for an outright drying and fumigation of the print to avoid diffusion of the solvent which could damage the glue or may cause lumps or delamintion.