Airpress Premium Mobile 2S - 12 mm muoviholkeille

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Airpress Premium Mobile 2S - 12 mm muoviholkeille
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The Airpress Premium Mobile 2S is a fully automatic pneumatic eyepress. The airpress is for 12 mm plastic grommets. With the airpress you can punch, eye and charge the machine in only one single step. The Airpress Premium Mobile is for users that handles many grommets and seek for an effective way to save time and therewith money. The airpress contains 4 arrestable wheels. A laserpointer enables an easy setting. A separate compressor is necessary.

Airpressure:6 Bar
Air Consumption per Cycle: 7,6 L
Weight: 58 kg
Dimensions: 68 x 40 x 74 cm
Power: 0,06 Kw
In The Box: Airpress Premium Mobile 2S
2 meter tube 8 x 6 mm
Tool for 12 mm plastic grommets

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