Airpress Premium Mobile 2XT - 16 mm muoviholkeille

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Airpress Premium Mobile 2XT - 16 mm muoviholkeille
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Eyelet your PVC banners with a fully automatic eyelet air-press. Two magazines support the machine with 16mm plastic grommets. The Airpress Premium 2XT Mobile punches, eyes and reloads the machine in a single step, it also positions the eyelets automatically.

The Airpress is fitted with 4 adjustable wheels and can be moved easily to the right to position the banner. A laser pointer assists the operator in lining up to a printed mark; therefore enabling the eyelet to be fixed in the correct position on the banner. The placing of rolled banners is easy done by using the stainless steel plate (1490 mm width). A laser pointer enables an easy setting. The machine is controlled by PLC Programmable Logic Control. To start the workflow user has to press a foot switch.

The Airpress Premium Mobile 2XT is for the user that handles large quantities of eyelets and wants an effective way to save time and money. The standard insert holes are 16mm for twopart plastic grommets. It can be operated with flexible media and PVC banners from 400gsm to 1000gsm.


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