Stahls' Premium Plus White

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Stahls' Premium Plus White
1 m
Toimituskulut alk.
Tilausmäärä: 1-2 m
15,90 €
Tilausmäärä: 3 - 24 m
11,90 €
Tilausmäärä: täysi rulla (25 m)
9,90 €

Premium Plus has a satin finish, and is recommended for easy cutting and weeding.

It is suitable for several print proofs.This innovative
film is designed for superior stretch on performance fabrics, and most heat sensitive textiles.

Due to its durability it performs very well when it is applied to a huge range of fabrics at low temperatures, with a very short application time.

It has a frosted pressure sensitive carrier which enables easy cutting and weeding.

It is ideal for detailed work and designs featuring multiple colors.

The material has a soft matte finish and is available in university and fashionable colors.

Premium Plus is the obvious choice for sports/performance
wear and fashion items.