Addnorth rABS - 1.75mm - 750g

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Addnorth rABS - 1.75mm - 750g
Toimituskulut alk.

This 100% recycled ABS from industrial parts has the same fine mechanical properties as virgin ABS, with excellent inter-layer adhesion, high printability and a nice surface finish.

Relative to other ABS materials it has very good bed adhesion and minimal warping. rABS is also treatable with acetone for a complete smoothing of the surface layers.

Diameter: 1.75mm

Material rABS

Diameter tolerance ± 0.025 mm

Heated build platform 100-110°C

Print temperature 230-260°C

Spool size 200 x 55 mm (750 g)

Spool hub diameter 52 mm

Weight empty spool 215 g

Weight filament 750 g

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