Epson sublimaatiopaperi DS TRANSFER GENERAL PURPOSE 297 MM X 30,5 M

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Epson sublimaatiopaperi DS TRANSFER GENERAL PURPOSE 297 MM X 30,5 M
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Epson sublimaatiopaperi DS Transfer General Purpose 297mm x 30.5m
This is a versatile, easy-to-use, general purpose transfer paper that complements the SureColor SC-F500 dye-sublimation printer. It's designed for those looking to expand their existing product offering, as well as new businesses; whether producing printed phone covers, mugs, mouse mats, t-shirts or cushions, the DS Transfer General Purpose Paper enhances productivity. Versatile The DS Transfer General Purpose Paper has been developed for decorative ink transfer to hard substrates and polyester-based textiles. It's compatible with Epson UltraChrome DS inks and has been developed for use with the SureColor SC-F500 digital dye-sublimation printer. Boosts productivity Since it uses a quick-dry coating, this paper can save valuable time. Long-length rolls make it economical for low-to-medium producers using dye sublimation transfer paper on soft and rigid materials. A3 and A4 roll widths allow for longer print runs, as an alternative to feeding sheets. Save ink DS Transfer General Purpose Paper has a high ink transfer level, which helps keep production consistent and economical. Peace of mind Epson provides the complete end-to-end printing solution that includes: printers, inks, papers and software - all designed to work in harmony.


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