EMBLEM Easylam 140C Laminator 140 cm

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EMBLEM Easylam 140C Laminator 140 cm
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The compact design on wheels makes this laminating machine a versatile tool which is
ready for operation anytime and anywhere. Intelligent design supports wrinkle-free laminating
of all kinds of materials. The highly sturdy mechanical design makes it a truly professional
machine designed for a long life cycle.

The EASYLAM 140C can handle materials up to a width of 1400 mm, which makes
it the perfect tool for most formats required in real-life situations. Typical applications are:
rigid and fl exible displays for indoor and outdoor use, walk-on visuals for fl oor advertising,
lightbox displays, popup displays.

The laminating rollers are made of high-quality rubber, which offers best characteristics for
perfect laminating results. They can be adjusted electrically in order to perfectly process all
kinds of materials up to a thickness of 40 mm. The automatic closing function of the rollers
can be set to either optimized or soft mode. This allows gentle laminating in combination
with just about any carrier material.

In order to match the operation of the machine to a wide variety of laminating tasks, the
feeding speed can be adjusted between 2.5 m/min and 3.5 m/min. In addition, the machine
can be operated in either automatic mode or manually via a pedal. A special roll
feeder and a motorized rewinder allows comfortable roll-to-roll processing of large format
digital prints.

The autogrip material scroller of the machine allows perfect positioning of the carrier material.
In addition, an adjustable table allows easy handling of thick materials. An integrated
braking mechanism can be adjusted precisely to support wrinkle-free laminating and takes
care of even rewinding of the liner.

Roller type: EPDM grey
Roller length: 1420 mm
Roller diameter: 80 mm
Material thickness: 0 - 40 mm
Speed: max. 3,5 m/min
Power: 110 V to 220 V
Power supply external, integrated
inside of body
Dimension: 177 x 135 x48 cm
Weight: 115 kg
Item number: 25932

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