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Emblem EASYLAM 160W

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Emblem EASYLAM 160W
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6 990,00 €
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EASYLAM 160W is a lamination system for professional use. Practice-oriented material guide, various options and a working speed, adjustable in 14 gradations up to 9.9m/min. The roller can be moved automatically on one of the settings for film ("FILM"-key), soft material ("SOFT"-key) or "open" (40 mm).

The great distance of the rolls (up to 40mm), simple clutch of the axles and self-snatching core holders guarantee an universal input with extremely short set-up times. Each of the unwind- and take-up-spindles is adjustable by an own finely controllable brake or clutch for wrinkle-free unwinding of the laminate and taking up of the liner immaculately. You adjust the opening of the roller electrically. The control panel is clearly structured and the menus can be used intuitively. The upper roller is heatable up to 55°C. The premium quality silicon rollers with a diameter of 110mm feed the warmed cold-lamination film on to the print smoothly. An adjustable table to apply the material, finger protector, pressure sensors for the rollers, overheat protection and emergency stop switch are of course components of the EASYLAM.

The broad dimension of roll-distance up to 40 mm,simple axial-coupling and selffixing coreholders guarantee an universal material-compability with minimal refitting effort of time. Each axe can be individually trimmed by its own fine-adjustable brake. This puts you in a situation to laminate shrink free and of a perfect coiling of the liner.

The roll-distance can be turned electrical between 0 and 40 mm. The structure of the controlpanel gives the user a comfortable overview of the function of EASYLAM Expert. The user interface makes it possible for fast access.

The upper roll can be heated up to 50 degrees Celsius. Both rolls are made of high-quality silicon roller. The diameter of the rolls are 110 mm. These rolls are feeding the warmed laminationfilm more flexible to the print. An adjustable printtable, user-protection and pressure of the rolls and emergency stops are standard components of Expert.

Technical Features:

    - Max. width of lamination-film-roll 1640 mm
    - Max. working width 1640 mm
    - Material type of roll Silicon
    - Max. opening 40 mm
    - Temperatur heated roll up to 50°C
    - Max. speed 8 m/min
    - Knife-guide for transverse cutting / front and back
    - Weight 240 kg
    - Dimensions WxDxH 209 x 59 x 143 cm