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Roland ModelaPro MDX-540
Roland ModelaPro MDX-540
Roland ModelaPro MDX-540
Roland ModelaPro MDX-540
T-Slot Table MDX-540
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Suojakotelo: ZBX-540E
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Pyörityslaite: ZCL-540
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Jäähdytysjärjestelmä: MIC-COOL
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18 500,00 €
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MDX-540 kaiverruslaite sisältää kaikki prototyyppien valmistukseen vaadittavat, viimeisimmät ominaisuudet. Uudella, voimakkaalla moottorilla varustellussa MDX-540:ssa on kylliksi voimaa kuparin, alumiinin ja messingin käsittelyyn. Laitteen työskentelyalue on 500(X) x 400(Y) x 155(Z)mm, ja sen tarkkuus on huimat 0.01mm.


Täysin automaattisen, keskeytyksettömän kaiverruksen saavuttamiseksi on suositeltavaa varustaa laite pyörivällä akselilla ja automaattisella terän vaihto-ominaisuudella.


MDX-540 contains all the newest and best of prototyping technology. Fitted with a new, powerful motor, MDX-540 has sufficient strength for milling non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminium, and brass. Working area is 500(X) x 400(Y) x 155(Z) mm., and the accuracy is a stunning 1/100 mm.

We suggest that the machine be fitted with rotary axis and automatic tool changer to enable fully automatic, unattended milling.

SRP technology:
- Creates the most accurate prototypes for complex snap-fits
- Creates prototypes for functional testing and proves part manufacturability
Handles a wide variety of materials and generates a smooth surface finish
- 400W DC Brushless motor with increased torque for fast, accurate prototypes
- Bundled, user-friendly CAM Software
- Handheld controller and virtual control panel make set up fast and easy
- Specialty MDX-540S and MDX-540SA models available for enhanced precision and repeat accuracy
- Optional 4th rotary axis and automatic tool changer

MDX-540 Milling Machine Features

Don't Be Limited by Materials

As a subtractive instead of additive 3D machine, the MDX-540 Rapid Prototype Machine supports a variety of non-proprietary materials that include ABS, nylon, hardwood, plywood, FDA approved resins, non-ferrous metals and much more. The following items are just some of the prototypes and applications that are possible with this versatile device:

Snap-fit parts
Molds for casting
Toys and games
Product prototypes
Jewelry and accessories 
Furnishings and decorations
Electrical parts and casings
Relief signs and graphics
MDX-540 prototype

Make Prototypes with Fit and Function

The MDX-540 Rapid Prototype Machine can be used to produce functional prototypes and proof of concept testing for industrial and commercial release, such as thermal and structural trials. Used extensively by engineers, the MDX-540 is ideal for creating aluminum, brass and copper molds for rapid injection molding and EDM electrodes for production tooling. Plus, MDX-540 parts meet a host of FDA and other government regulations.

SRP Player CAM Software

Designed for use by design professionals as well as students and novices SRP Player allows MDX users to simply open a 3D file, click through the step-by-step interface, then hit the “print” button to send designs to the MDX-540. SRP Player automates the prototyping process and generates tool paths with high speed and precision, also offering 3D scaling, support for 4-axis milling and simulation of finished 3D parts.

SRP Player CAM software
G-Code compatibility

G-Code Support

The MDX-540 also supports G-code NC programming language, making it well suited for both professional and educational applications.

Mill Fast and Smooth for Minimal Finishing

MDX-540 devices use high-speed, high-precision 400W spindles that decrease vibration within the unit and produce accurate prototypes for complex fits. With ISO15448 standard collets, the MDX-540 mills smooth surfaces that requires little to no post finishing work.
MDX-540 prototype
MDX-540 hand-held controller

Stay In-Control with a Hand-Held Controller and Virtual Control Panel

The Handy Panel hand-held controller can be extended from the MDX, allowing you to control the machine from a distance, while the Virtual Control Panel lets you control the MDX-540 directly from your PC. Both options simplify setup and operation by allowing you to change spindle speed and select other options from a convenient location.

Your Machine, Your Configuration

The MDX-540 gives you the freedom to configure your system exactly the way you want with additional safety covers and a range of collets to work with industry standard tooling. Additions include a time and error-saving Rotary Axis to allow users to rotate an object until all four sides have been milled, and an Automatic Tool Changer that changes up to four preset tools of different sizes with an air-activated, high-precision spindle.
Cuttable Material:Resins such as chemical wood and modeling wax, light metals
X, Y and Z Operation Strokes:500 x 400 x 155 mm
Distance from Spindle Nose to Table:Max. 254 mm
Table Size:550 x 420 mm
Loadable Workpiece Weight:At acceleration of 0.2 G: max. 12 kg; 0.1 G: 20 kg; 0.05 G: 20 kg
XYZ-axis Drive System:AC servo motor, 60 W
Operating Speed:Max. 7.5 m/min
Acceleration:0.2 G, 0.1 G, 0.05 G
Software Resolution:RML-1 mode: 0.01 mm, NC-code mode: 0.001 mm
Mechanical Resolution:0.001 mm
Positioning Accuracy:±0.1 mm/300 mm, under no-load conditions
Repeat Accuracy:±0.05 mm, under no-load conditions
Origin Reproducibility:±0.05 mm
Spindle Motor:DC brushless motor, max. 400 W
Spindle Speed:400 to 12,000 rpm; 400 to 3,000 rpm for positioning and centering
Cutting Tool Chuck:Collet method, maximum tool diameter: 10 mm
Control Command Sets:RML-1 and NC codes
Interface:USB (compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 1.1)
Power Supply:Voltage and frequency: AC 100 to 120 V/220 to 240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz Required power capacity: 7 A (100 to 120 V)/4 A (220 to 240 V)
Power Consumption:Approx. 700 W
Acoustic Noise Level:During operation (no cutting): 65 dB (A) or less, During standby: 40 dB (A) or less
Dimensions/Weight:745 x 955 x 858 mm/102 kg
Operating Temperature/Humidity:5 to 40°C/35 to 80% (no condensation)
Included Items:Handy panel, Power cord, Tool sensor, Sensor cable, Nut, Nut wrench, Wrench(24mm), Hexagonal wrench, Roland Software CD-ROM, SRP Player CD-ROM, User's Manual, Roland Software Guide, SRP Player Installation and Setup Guide, and NC Code Reference Manual

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