3M 9088 Kaksipuoleinen teippi 50m x 35mm


3M 9088 Kaksipuoleinen teippi 50m x 35mm
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Koko: 17mm x 0,21mm x 50m
Runko: Selkäaineellinen
3M 9088- sarjalla on erittäin hyvä kiinnityskyky, lämmönkesto ja tukeva selkäaineellinen runko. Teipin runko on väritön ja repeytymätön. Paksuus 0,21mm.

High Performance Double Coated Tapes: These products combine a very high level of adhesive peel and shear performance. The adhesive system used on these products provides good adhesion to both high and low surface energy substrates. The excellent initial tack ensures that a bond of good integrity is achieved soon after application.

For maximum bond strength the surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned ideally with 3M VHB™ Surface Cleaner. Consult manufacturers directions for use and precautions when using cleaning solvents. Ideal tape application is accomplished when temperature is between 21°C and 38°C and the bond is allowed to dwell 72 hours. Initial tape application to surfaces at temperatures below 15°C is not recommended. Firm application pressure needs to be applied to the whole bond area ideally using a roller or similar tool.

All products show good resistance to plasticiser migration. However due to the wide range of plasticisers available we strongly suggest that an evaluation is conducted prior to use to ensure compatibility. 10 days at 50°C will usually accelerate any potential problems. Plasticisers are typically found in materials such as PVCs and some rubbers.

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