SignCut Pro 2 tarraleikkuriohjelma FI/SWE/EN


SignCut Pro 2 tarraleikkuriohjelma FI/SWE/EN
Toimituskulut alk.
1-vuoden määräaikainen Standard lisenssi. Up to 48″ (122 cm/1 220 mm) cutting width
136,00 €
3-vuoden määräaikainen Standard lisenssi. Up to 48″ (122 cm/1 220 mm) cutting width
366,00 €
1-vuoden määräaikainen Premium lisenssi. No cutting limitations
338,00 €
3-vuoden määräaikainen Premium lisenssi. No cutting limitations
867,00 €

Tarraleikkuriohjelma SignCut Pro 2 Premium on tehokas ja joustava työnkulkuohjelma tarrojen leikkaamiseen.

SignCut Pro 2 Premium on täysin yhteensopiva niin Mac- kuin PC-ympäristöön, tukee yli 720 erilaista leikkurimallia sekä 20 eri kieltä mukaanlukien suomen, ruotsin ja englannin.

Koot, käännöt, peilaukset, kappalemäärät, perkauskehykset sekä -viivat, paneloinnit, kohdistusmerkit jne.

Ohjelmalla voi myös suunnitella yksinkertaisia tekstipohjaisia tarroja. Ehdottomasti paras yhdistelmä on vektorien suunnitteluohjelma, kuten CorelDraw, ja SignCut Pro 2 Premium.

Ohjelma tukee useita eri tiedostomuotoja kuten ai, eps, hpg ja dxf.

Järjestelmävaatimukset: PC: Windows 98 tai uudempi Mac: OSX 10.39 tai uudempi (toimii myös PowerPC-koneiden kanssa)
Käyttömuisti (RAM): 256 Mb tai enemmän Kovalevytila: 120 Mb tai enemmän
Liitäntä standardit: USB, TCP/IP, sarja- ja rinnakkaisportti

SignCut is the most efficient and flexible software for professional sign making that exist today. Perfectly adapted for both Mac and Windows it can be used in 19 different languages and together with over 720 different cutting plotters.

We also provide education, live and offline support for SignCut, and free plug-ins for the most popular design packages CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape.

  • Create signs of any type and size.
  • Create indoor name-plates and company logos.
  • Create stripes and logos for vehicles.
  • Create masking for airbrush, tattoos, painting and sandblasting.
  • Create large multi-tiled jobs with unique mounting-help.
  • Create banners.
  • Cut magnetic sheets.
  • Create silk-screen mask.
  • Scrapbooking.
  • Heat transfer for clothing.
19 different languages





Some features

Export plugins available for CorelDraw, Illustrator and Inkscape.
Cut by color and any color combination.
Software knife-blade offset compensation.
Automatic tiling / panelling with optional overlap.
Manual tiling / panelling with optional overlap.
Communicates with most devices (COM/LPT/USB/TCP-IP).
Drivers for over 720 cutters.
Plotter / cutter size calibration.
Automatic stacking and placement on the vinyl.
Scale to any size.
Scale image based on partial object (useful when repairing signs).
Print job information, including tiles and placement in the sign.
Rotation and mirroring of the image.
Weeding lines & weeding frame.
Registration marks.
Step by step cutting (no more vinyl feeding back and forth).
Preview (shows exactly the same data as is sent to the machine).
Test feed (pre-feeds the vinyl and also checks that tracking is ok).
Supports optical-eye contour cutting.
Mounting frame.

System Requirements

PC: Windows 98 or higher
Mac: OS X 10.39 or higher
Memory: 256 Mb system RAM
Hard drive: 120 Mb or more free space
Output: Serial, parallel, USB and TCP/IP

Colour Separation

Modify weeding lines, registration marks and orientation with each colour for a personalised approach.

Contour Cutting

Enjoy a complete functionality with simple or automated registration marks detection and easy contour cutting of printed materials.

Tiling Tool

When the design is wider than the material width, use the Tiling tool for splitting up the design into suitable tiles. You get both manual and automatic tiling.

Registration Marks

Use registration marks for quick and accurate mouting of multiple coloured designs and for large designs divided into tiles.

Object Manager

With Object Management, the cut out can be controlled in detail, define cutting order, cutting speed, cutting pressure, perforated cutting, number of laps and choice of tool for single/multiple objects or color/s.

Step-by-Step Cutting

Get reliable cut outs by avoiding long feedings and improve cutting accuracy with this feature.

Available in 20 languages

Choose any of the following languages: Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Georgian, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

Export Plugins

Export your graphic artwork through SignCut Pro 2’s export plugins. Transfer your work directly from Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Inkscape to SignCut Pro 2 with a single click.

1 Account, Multiple Computers

Choose among our three subscription editions that best suit your needs. Share your subscription to 2-4 computers with our Standard or Premium edition.



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