Rotary Axis Unit ZCL-40A

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Rotary Axis Unit ZCL-40A
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MDX-40A pyörityslaite.

Max. Angle of Rotation:± 99999.999 degrees
X, Y and Z Operation Strokes: 271 x 305 x 68 mm
Max. Loadable Workpiece Size: Items within the range of a 60 mm radius from the center of the rotary axis by 270 mm long.*3
Max. Size Holdable by Workpiece Clamp: Thickness: 10 to 45 mm
Diameter: 20 to 50 mm
Loadable Workpiece Weight: 1 kg (including clamps)
Feed Rate: Max. 11.79 rpm
Software Resolution: 0.001 degrees
Mechanical Resolution: 0.005625 degrees/step (micro-step cotrol)
Dimensions/Weight: 470 x 286 x 115 mm/7.5 kg
Included Items: Detection bar, detection pin, center drill, live center, cap screws, rubber cap, and user's manual

*3 The range that can actually be cut is limited by the amount of tool extention and interference between the loaded workpiece and the tool or spindle.

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