3D Scanning Sensor Unit ZSC-1

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3D Scanning Sensor Unit ZSC-1
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MDX-40 skannauslaite.

This unit comes with Dr. PICZA 3, full-featured scanning software that includes a wide variety of editing functions. With Dr. PICZA 3, scanning data can be exported in DXF, IGES or VRML formats, or as Point Cloud data (ASCII).

Max. Scanning Area:305 x 305 x 60 mm
Distance from Probe Tip to Table: Max. 92.4 mm
Table Load Capacity: Max. 4 kg
Sensor Type: Roland Active Piezo Sensor (RAPS)
Sensor Effective Probe Lenght: 60 mm
Sensor Tip Bulb Radius: 0.08 mm
Scanning Method: Contacting, mesh-point height sensing
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