Rotary Axis Unit ZCL-540

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Rotary Axis Unit ZCL-540
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MDX-540 pyörityslaite.

The ZCL-540 provides the MDX-540 with an additional 4th axis. With the rotary axis installed, the object can be milled from any side. No need for manual turning and repositioning of the object halfway through the process. With ZCL-540, you can mill unattended with perfect alignment every time.

Supported Workpiece:Resins (metal not supported)
Max. Angle of Rotation: ±2,147,483.647° (±5,965.23 turns)
Loadable Workpiece Size*1: Items within the range of a 90 mm in radius from the center of the rotary axis by 371 mm long. The actual cuttable range is smaller than this.
Workpiece Thickness Holdable by Workpiece Chuck: 15 to 100 mm
Loadable Workpiece Weight: Maximum 5 kg, maximum moment of inertia: 0.02 kgm2
Center drill used: Maximum 1.5 kg
Control Method: Simultaneous 4-axis control
Feed Rate: Max. 20 rpm
Software Resolution: RML-1 mode: 0.1°, NC-code mode: 0.01°
Mechanical Resolution: 0.002°
Static Precision: Backlash: 0.05°, Eccentricity: 0.3 mm or less
Dimensions/Weight: 720 x 100 x 195 mm/ 6.5 kg (total weight including drive unit, tailstock, base plates etc.)
Included Items: Drive unit, Tailstock, Base plates, Live center, Center drill, Y-origin sensor, Z-origin sensor, Spacer, Origin-detection pin, Cap screws, Plastic screws, T-slot nuts, Hexagonal wrenches, Retaining band, User's Manual

*1 When the T-slot table is installed, the length is 297 mm.
* When this unit is installed, the X-axis operation stroke of the MDX-540S and MDX-540 are as follows:
- Standard table, no ATC unit: 285 mm/325 mm (with expanded X-axis travel operation stroke)
- Standard table, ATC unit present: 270 mm/325 mm (with expanded X-axis travel operation stroke)
- T-slot table, no ATC unit: 218 mm/258 mm (with expanded X-axis travel operation stroke)
- T-slot table, ATC unit present: 203 mm/258 mm (with expanded X-axis travel operation stroke)

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