Water Value BlueBack 130g 914mm x 50m

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Water Value BlueBack 130g 914mm x 50m
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A matt white wet strength paper for billboard application indoor and outdoor. Due to the blue back side it has a high opacity and covers subsurfaces in an excellent way. The wet strength enables folding the paper without cracking.

You can print on WAVBB with common dye, pigment and UltraChrome inks. The special
coating permits a fast drying and short workflow. Waterresistance is only achieved when
using pigmented inks

We advice for application process a humidity of 35-65% and a temperature between 10° and 30°C. When using WAVBB for billboards we recommend for an optimal bonding to paste the board and not the paper (e.g. with Henkel UST 2500N Zellura). The paste must not contain any glycol or any solvents.

Before mounting it is advisable to soak the prints for about 15 minutes and a following processing within 24 to 72 hours. It is not commendable to inlay the paper in the paste. In case of overlapping bonding these areas have to be provided with enough paste to reach the optimum adhesion. The optimum waterproofness will be achieved when the prints
get a drying time of approximate 10 hours before processing. A loss of 1% lengthwise and in transverse direction has to be taken in account. To use the paper with other printers or inks, the usage of different pastes or other techniques of pasting may cause problems like smearing, fading or removing.

Matchcode: WAVBB
Material: Paper with blue back side
Finish: Matte
Colour: White
Weight: 130 g/m²
Opacity: 99% acc. DIN 53146
Tensile strength: MD 7,5 kN/m, CD 4,5 kN/m
Wet tensile strength: MD 1,5 kN/m, CD 0,8 kN/m
Width of rolls: 36“, 50“, 54“
Length of rolls: 50 m
Storage: at 15°C - 25°C, 50% rel. humidity
Shelf life: 24 month in original boxes
Compatible Inks:
Dye: yes Latex: yes Pigment: yes

1. Print the paper with printers and inks as indicated in the actual datasheets.

2. Store the prints 10-12 hours open to optimise the best efforts of water-resistance.

3. Soak the prints in water for max. 15 minutes.

4. Wait for minimum of 24 hours to maximum 72 hours with the print in slightly wet storage, e.g. in a closed box. This is necessary for a maximum saturation of the paper. Do not soak the prints with glue!

5. To optimise the bonding, we recommend to use special glue for outside areas (e.g. Henkel UST 2500N Zellura or Bacoplak Bacocell) Put the glue to the underground not to the print. The glue has to be free of glycole and solvent.

6. If it is necessary to overlap prints, e.g. on 18/1 walls, it is useful to use on the overlapping part more glue to achieve a better contact. Also if you post a single print, it is required to get enough glue to the position of edges and sides of the print on the underground.

If possible, the time of gluing has to be planned to avoid direct solar radiation, which could
cause that the print dries to quick, stripes from the underground and rolls itself up. During
the drying time there might be a shrinking of 1% in both directions.