Roland VersaUV LEC2-300

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Roland VersaUV LEC2-300
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1 700,00 €
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Leikkaava UV-rullatulostin
LEC2-300 max lev. 736 mm

The LEC2-300's UV ink is designed to adhere to the surface of a material, making printing possible on a diverse range of media, from adhesive sheets for stickers and labels to PET or PVC-based substrates, and even textiles, Japanese paper, canvas or tarpaulin, leather and more. In addition to CMYK ink, the LEC2-300 can be used with Clear and White ink configurations for exceptional, premium-value printing, including full-color prints with matte or glossy finishes, simulated embossing and other custom-textured effects.The contour cutting function has been further enhanced to cut out printed graphics to any shape with exceptional precision. The automated process eliminates the need for plate making and die punching for trimming adhesive decals, labels and stickers. A Perf-Cut function allows you to print out as many labels as required and then peel and apply as needed. Combined with the new Multiple Print function and a new precision media take-up system, high-volume lots can be printed efficiently without attended operation.The newly developed print head and LED lamps now deliver exceptionally rich and vibrant print quality. The new print head has been optimized for precision ink delivery and control, while the new LED lamps are more powerful to make curing the ink even faster. This combination delivers stunning print finishes down to the finest level, from small text to elaborately textured patterns and gradations. White ink density has been increased by up to 40% of the previous model to provide much higher opacity and coverage.

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