XF3 3603 Matte Blue

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XF3 3603 Matte Blue
1 m
Toimituskulut alk.
Tilausmäärä: 1-4 m
5,16 €
Tilausmäärä: 5-49 m
4,30 €
Tilausmäärä: täysi rulla (50 m)
3,44 €
4,30 €
Rullan halkaisu: 61 cm (rullan puolitus)
5,00 €
Rullan halkaisu: omavalintainen leveys. Ilmoita leveys ostoskorin Lisätiedot-kentässä
10,00 €

Caliper (face film): 80 μm (4 mil)
Face Film: Opaque-matt, monomeric vinyl film (calendered)
Adhesive: Removable clear, solvent-free pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive
Adhesive Strenght: 5 – 7 N / 25 mm, acc. to FINAT / FTM1 (24 h)
Release Liner: 120 gsm special clay-coated silicone kraft paper with blue-squared print for easy processing and positioning
Application Temperature: min. + 10 °C
Outdoor Durability: Up to 5 years (black & white) / up to 2 years (colours)
Suitable Substrates: Flat and smooth surfaces; substrates like (painted) steel, glass, paint, acrylic, aluminium, wall paper (sufficient drying time, min. 2 weeks)
Applications: Exhibition displays / signs
Decorative film for various indoor and outdoor applications
Interior design (including wall art)
Decorative signs, panels and logos
Special Features: Excellent coverage
Wide variety of colours
Premium matte finish (inhibits undesired reflection)
Removable acrylic adhesive for easy removability of the film
Non-flammable acc- to DIN 4102 B1