3M™ 9415PC kaksipuolinen teippi, 19 mm x 66 m, 48 kpl/pakkaus

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3M™ 9415PC kaksipuolinen teippi, 19 mm x 66 m, 48 kpl/pakkaus
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- 1 mil polyester film carrier on a 2 mil removable repositionable double coated tape
- These double coated tapes feature a permanent adhesive on the face side and a removable repositionable adhesive on the back side of the tape. For repositioning or multiple openings and closings.
- A double coated tape that works on a variety of substrates or materials for temporary mounting of light weight materials such as paper, plastics, films or foams.

3M™ Removable Repositionable Tape 9415PC is an acrylic adhesive 400 and 1000 on a 78 lb polycoated kraft paper liner and polyester film carrier. High tack/low tack. Medium temperature and low solvent resistance. Medium/low HSE and low LSE.

Use for core starting/end tabbing. Hold credit cares in mailers. Close envelopes. Ultra low tack allows for removal without residue from may films, foils, papers. Low tack adhesive is ideal for applications where repositioning is desired.


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