3M 468MP 2-p. teippi kirkas 0,127mm x 1220 mm x 55 m

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3M 468MP 2-p. teippi kirkas 0,127mm x 1220 mm x 55 m
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3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape 468MP is a 200MP high performance acrylic adhesive with 4.2 mil, 58 lb polycoated kraft liner.

- 5 mil adhesive transfer tape with acrylic adhesive on a polycoated kraft paper liner. Excellent shear strength, temperature resistance and chemical resistance.
- Ideal for graphic and nameplate attachment. Easy to die-cut and process.
- Excellent moisture and solvent resistance. Excellent high temperature resistance and shear strength. UV resistant. Easy to apply. Not messy. Easily die-cutable.
- Thicker version of 467MP

Graphic attachment and general industrial joining. Industry standard. Excellent die-cut and process capabilities.


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