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Engravelab PhotoLaser Plus
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Lasereille tarkoitettu ohjelma, jolla hoidetaan työn suunnittelu ja valmistus. Ohjelmassa erittäin hyvä monikilpiominaisuus, jonka avulla tuodaan tekstilistan suoraan Excelistä ja saadaan luotua yksilöllisiä kilpiä yksinkertaisesti.

Ohjelmassa voi valita suomen- tai englanninkielen.

    - Send jobs to your laser engraver directly from PhotoLaser Plus.
    - Convert color, grey scale or monochrome photos into ready to cut vector files in one easy step!
    - On Screen Job Preview. Simulate final output on different materials.
    - Support for both raster engraving and vector cutting. Cut shapes directly from substrates.
    - Text condense feature ensures automatic fit to nameplates/badges.
    - Create badges quickly and easily. Variable data support using our unique “Badging” feature provides an instant way in which to substitute text or numbers in a single layout.

Badges and Serialization
Use the Badges feature to create single or auto text replacement & serialization. Text substitution and serialization have never been this easy. Create one template and let the Badges feature substitute the selected text. Foreign language text substitution is effortless using Windows XP and Unicode text support.

The ability to numerically and alphabetically serialize each item or badge automatically. Parts marking has never been easier with our powerful serialization routine.