Backlit Film Lux Matte 1,37 x 30 m

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Backlit Film Lux Matte 1,37 x 30 m
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This solvent Backlitfilm is a translucent polyester film with bright white matte coating for backlight application indoor and outdoor. The specific surface of the film permits a good ink coverage as well as brilliant colours, excellent flatness and good drying time. The special coating is developed for solvent, eco-solvent, UV-curable and latex inks.


Illuminated displays and lightbox frames


Before further processing the VOC‘s of solvent, eco-solvent and latex inks must be dried completely. The drying time depends on the amount of ink. Solvent residues due to insufficient drying time can lead to blocking if stored in rolled-up form. We advice to unroll the printed strip and spread it out as soon as possible until final drying.

When the surface is subject to humidity, abrasion, sweat or other mechanical influences for a long time it must be protected with self-adhesive laminating films or appropriate liquid lamination products. During lamination such residues can impact the quality of the finished product (flatness, shrinkage behaviour, anchorage, adhesion power, etc) negatively.

Before printing check the correct drying temperature by carrying out a trial print. Drying temperatures which are too high can lead to a deformation of the film. To avoid fingerprints the use of cotton-gloves is advisable.

Material/Finish/Color: Polyester/Matte/Translucent
Thickness: 200 µm
Lamination: Cool, warm
Application Temperature: More than 15°C
Durability: Under conditions of middle-european climate up to 12 months outdoor
Storage: Cool and dry environment, at 15-25°C, 50% rel. humidity
Compatible Inks: Eco-Solvent
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